How Winners Ride Out Storms

Preparation combined with agility is the key to success. However, there are often some elements of surprise for which no one can truly be ready. Within our Phoenix Solutions Virginia Beach-based operations, we discovered that Mother Nature often has her own plans for disruption. Our intrepid team didn’t let the weather deter us, though. We put our flexibility and values into action.

September and October in particular were brutal months with hurricanes, tropical storms, and other extreme weather events. Team Phoenix Solutions not only had to consider how we might go about our day-to-day work, but most importantly, stay safe with the possibility of evacuations looming.

The good news is we put our contingency plans to work. We are a community-based firm and considered what the most important needs were at the moment. As a team, we used this time to make a difference for those around use and created care packages that were distributed to individuals who were most impacted by the crises. We ventured out when conditions allowed to deliver them.

Philanthropy is already a big part of our Phoenix Solutions ethos, so our initiatives to help out in a meaningful way aligned with our values. More key, we felt like we were helping others at a time in which they might have felt scared or bleak. This bolstered our morale and kept us going.

Now that clean-up efforts are fully underway in our region, we’re returning to our business of making a difference for the change agents we represent. Still, we won’t soon forget that when Mother Nature dished out her best, we found ways to be even better as a team.

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