Training and Philanthropy During Hurricane Florence

Phoenix Solutions was hit hard by Hurricane Florence in September. The storm inspired Mateen, our company President, to lead a cross-training expedition up to Alexandria, which put us safely out of Florence’s reach. We spent a week in Alexandria learning their techniques, and then traveled to Richmond to learn from the offices there.

When we say we’re a company that operates based on our values, this is what we mean. Ideals like knowledge, growth, and teamwork inform our processes and procedures, and influence our decisions. This is why when a hurricane stomps through our city, we view it as the perfect reason to seek training outside the office and build our team camaraderie. Philanthropy is one of our guiding Phoenix Solutions principles as well, which is why we also donated care packages to hurricane victims while we were on the road, too.

Though the trip was very educational and a lot of fun, we’re excited to be back in Virginia Beach. The storm has passed, repairs are underway, and we have a newfound focus on expanding our company and building on the unity we created when traveling together. This, combined with the general optimism that is felt all through Virginia Beach right now as we recover from the hurricane, is sure to help us have our best year ever! Follow our progress by following Phoenix Solutions on Twitter.