Top Techniques: Prepare for Public Speaking Success

Every successful speech is preceded by ample preparation. No matter what the industry, audience, or subject matter, warm-up is a must. As we observe people ranging from athletes to actors, we learn about the many layers of performance readiness. We’ve even added some of them into the Phoenix Solutions training program.

It makes sense that public speaking engagements require vocal warm-ups. Voice is the primary means of communication, after all. Our favorite exercises include humming and singing our favorite tunes. Combining these efforts with light head rolls enhances rigor.

We also do some mental warm-ups before we present on behalf of Phoenix Solutions. Meditation is already a common practice around our workplace, for instance. It holds great value in the pursuit of success. Deep breathing helps us stay calm and focused, while enhancing blood flow. In the process, we picture great outcomes. Thinking about ourselves speaking to rapt listeners is a sure way to get into the right mind-set!

Believe it or not, physical warm-up is a vital part of speaking preparation. Brief cardio workouts and stretches help us expend nervous energy. They help us stay grounded as well. Paying attention to movement is a distraction from the anxious thoughts that sometimes arise in the face of big presentations.

Voice, mental, and physical warm-ups are the main steps to public speaking excellence.