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This Summer, Our Team Is Bringing the Heat!

Just as our namesake creature implies, Phoenix Solutions is on fire, and things are heating up even more this summer! We understand the longing to let off the gas a bit when this season rolls around, but we know that putting in a little extra effort this time of year moves us that much closer to our targets.

Our drive comes from a big goal that we all share: expansion. We’re SO close, and the Phoenix Solutions office is buzzing with excitement! Our action steps to keep us moving toward achievement include continuing to build our networks, lightening our winter workload by accomplishing more in the summer, and evaluating more data with our newly updated website.

Of these, networking is likely the biggest priority. Thriving contact lists are important for any small business, because they give us access to a much greater knowledge pool than we’re able to create on our own. When we connect with business leaders in our area and other rising stars in our industry, we gain access to the most up-to-date information and cutting-edge techniques being used in our field. What’s more, we have peers who are eager to see us succeed, and whom we enjoy supporting as well.

Summertime is even hotter than usual when you’re on Team Phoenix Solutions. To follow our progress as we continue growing, like us on Facebook.