Team Building Is a Top Priority for Our Organization

Being in business requires us to focus on many different priorities at once, and one of the most important of these is our team culture. The Phoenix Solutions office atmosphere is one of our sharpest competitive edges, because we’ve learned how to reward individual effort while also inspiring teamwork.

“Our team is very close, and we make sure everyone feels included,” stated Mateen S., Director of Operations for Phoenix Solutions. “Our newest event managers are already like family, and have caught on very quickly because of how much the rest of the team supports them. We host weekly team nights every Thursday, which can involve anything from getting dinner to playing pool or TopGolf. We are family-oriented, but also love some friendly competition in the office and do regular challenges and competitions to keep things interesting. We even challenge other satellite offices to contests!”

When we consider a team-building activity, we look for something that combines some specific elements. First, for example, it must be fun. We don’t want gathering outside of work to feel like work. Also, we want to encourage trust. We do things that will help us get to know one another on a personal level. Eating with people is one of the best ways we know to have a relaxing, open conversation with someone – when we break bread together, we build bonds.

Our culture of camaraderie is one of the pillars of our success. Learn more about our office environment by following Phoenix Solutions on Twitter.