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Questions for Leaders Evaluating Their Impact

Regular reflection plays an important role in our strategy to grow Phoenix Solutions. We often ask ourselves about the type of impact we are making on those around us. This self-assessment is important for refining and improving our plans as we proceed forward. A few key questions can enable any business leader to effectively evaluate the influence he or she is having on his or her team.

First and foremost, consider how you are making things better for your team members. Setting clear goals and empowering people to achieve them is an important part of leading. Consider what more you could be doing to remove obstacles to success for your people.

Think also about how you are affecting the bigger picture of the organization. Much of Phoenix Solutions success is fueled by our unifying purpose. Ask yourself how you and your team are supporting the strategic objectives of the company. Perhaps there are ways you could be making a greater impact on those goals.

Evaluate how you could be expanding your influence. Lasting success comes from adapting and growing. So, reflect from time to time on what you could do to be able to better make a positive impact on your team and organization. Perhaps there is something to learn or alter.

These questions will empower you to become a more effective leader. Learn more about this by liking Phoenix Solutions on Facebook.