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PRESS RELEASE: Phoenix Solutions Turns Annual Retreat Into Bahamas Cruise

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – Mateen, Director of Operations for Phoenix Solutions, announced that this year’s R&R retreat will be held on a cruise ship. He also announced who earned invitations, and discussed the company’s commitment to philanthropy.

The fall rest and relaxation retreat is something that Team Phoenix Solutions looks forward to all year, according to Mateen, and with good reason: it’s always an amazing all-expenses-paid trip to an exotic destination. In keeping with this tradition, Mateen is proud to announce that this year’s trip will actually be a cruise to the Bahamas.

Mateen and his team have been looking forward to – and working hard for – this opportunity all year, and not just because it’s a chance to enjoy world-class pampering aboard a luxury cruise ship. There’s also the clear message that when a person knows what they want, has a plan to make it happen, and then consistently works the plan, the results will pay off. “My favorite motto is ‘Take Action,’” explained Mateen. “YOU are in control of your life! And on that note, I’m proud to name the three associates who also live by this motto, and who will be joining me on this cruise: Halie, Cassie, and Korye. These rock stars have worked extremely hard, and have earned their spot on this cruise.”

Philanthropy Is a Core Phoenix Solutions Value

While the news of the cruise is very exciting, Mateen is also proud of the role that philanthropy plays at the firm. Giving back on a local and global level is what Phoenix Solutions is all about. In fact, the team often goes beyond their work supporting nonprofits and foundations on a professional level and invests personal time into worthy causes as well.

For instance, when the Bahamas cruise was announced, one of the first ideas that passed through the Phoenix Solutions office was to create care packages for those who were affected by the recent hurricane that tore through that area of the world. It’s a source of pride for Mateen to see how his crew is always looking for a way to make a positive difference.

Being vigilant change-makers is a calling, not just a career, and it’s one that has given Mateen, Halie, Cassie, and Korye a chance to cruise the Bahamas while also supporting some of those hardest hit by Hurricane Dorian. Then, once the cruise is over, it’s time to gear up for another successful fourth quarter. Mateen is certain that once he returns, he’ll be ready to lead his team to their most impactful holiday season ever.

About Phoenix Solutions:
Phoenix Solutions is dedicated to uniting people behind causes that drive positive impact in communities. Through peer-to-peer outreach campaigns, the team sparks conversations about key issues and link likeminded people with good causes. Their solutions build support for change innovators who can then do more of their socially good work in the world. Phoenix Solutions follows a distinct approach that harnesses the team’s areas of expertise, including business, marketing, and psychology. They apply creative practices to reach people on a meaningful level. Their on-the-ground presence positions them to generate fast results. By channeling their passion, they raise support that allows nonprofits to expand their influence. Learn more about their approach and success by visiting