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Making Modern Tech Work for Us

Staying up to date with the latest tech trends is a major part of our Phoenix Solutions success strategy. We learned a long time ago that leveraging modern resources to reach our audience was the way to go. As we move forward with more ambitious goals than ever, we also want to tighten up the ways we interact with and utilize emerging technology.

One thing we’re excited about around the Phoenix Solutions office is our adoption of iPads. We’re going to use these devices to be more productive and organized than ever before. We’ll also be able to stay more in touch with our colleagues as we collaborate on major projects.

We’re using apps to boost our productivity as well. Evernote is one of our favorites, because it allows us to keep track of all our ideas in one digital space. We can even save voice memos and photos to truly stay on top of our projects.

Podcasts have become bigger parts of our routines as well. During our commutes and any other downtime we manage to create, we listen to some of the sharpest minds in business for extra inspiration. Sometimes we just listen for a laugh as well.

Along with using these tech resources, we’re also streamlining our firm’s online presence to make sure it echoes our core values. Follow Phoenix Solutions on Instagram for great content from our event managers.