Hosting Visitors for Cross-Training

Seeing how people in other successful offices get things done is always a rewarding experience. This was again proven true when we hosted event managers from the Woodbridge, Virginia location for cross-training at Phoenix Solutions HQ.

Mateen S., our firm’s Director of Operations, explained, “It was great for our team to learn tips on how to improve processes. Our people were able to discuss best practices and emerging techniques with their Woodbridge counterparts, all while forging connections that will lead to significant rewards of their own.”

Our Director also noted the positive effect the cross-training event has already had on the Phoenix Solutions office. He remarked, “I’ve seen increases in both morale and overall performance since the visit. Our people seem more motivated than ever to hone their talents and produce winning outcomes. We’ll be planning another one of these events soon in the hopes that we can continue this exchange of powerful tips.”

Getting out of our routines through fresh perspectives is a common benefit of our team travel events. In this case, we hosted visitors rather than venturing away from home. However, the end results were very similar. Team members from both offices emerged from the cross-training with valuable insights to apply to their own objectives.

We look forward to our next chance to train with colleagues from other areas. Follow Phoenix Solutions on Twitter to stay updated on our travel and training events.