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Honoring Mateen for His Achievements and Leadership

Recognition is a Phoenix Solutions value that we actively embody in the way we operate our business. Not only that, but our leaders go out of their way to show their appreciation for our hard work, and to congratulate people when they hit milestones. This month, we want to return the favor by putting Mateen, our Director of Operations, in the spotlight for his achievements and his leadership skills.

Most recently, Mateen was honored in front of 500 audience members for his work at Phoenix Solutions. One of his many winning attributes is patience; he always has the time to give his full attention to those on his team and works well with those who need a little more support at the start of their career journeys.

Another quality we admire is the way he can see a situation as a whole. This big-picture thinking keeps us moving forward as an organization, but also gives Mateen the ability to see how each of us contributes to the overall performance of the firm and help find solutions to issues that might be holding up one or another of us in our roles.

Perhaps most importantly though, Mateen has confidence to spare – which gives us the assurance we need to follow him as he leads our team to victory. His achievement award came as no surprise to us! Like Phoenix Solutions on Facebook to learn more about Mateen and his leadership.