We’re Hiring! Here’s What We Look For.

Phoenix Solutions has earned a solid reputation for raising awareness for causes that keep our kids safe. We’re doing meaningful work that is supporting a movement toward healthier communities and we seek likeminded people who share our vision and passion.

“There’s one thing to know about our program: you get out of it what you put into it,” said Mateen, Phoenix Solutions’ Director of Operations. “The key is attitude, which is far more important than any previous experience. We can teach people all they need to know about our methods; they need to bring the ambition.”

• Positivity: “The biggest key to success is having people on board who see the pluses in every situation,” Mateen shared. “Our people are excited about our mission and the causes we support, so it’s key that new hires bring the same level of energy to the table.”

• Desire to Learn: “We train from the day we join Phoenix Solutions and never stop,” Mateen explained. “That’s why we look for people who have growth-oriented mind-sets and want to build skills that will serve them in any business setting.”

• Effort: “Every success comes down to how hard our team members work,” Mateen concluded. “Those individuals who excel with us are persistent and willing to go the distance to reach their goals.”

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