Help Your Team Become Courageous With These Tips

When it comes to career success, people need to be ready to grow. This means stepping outside their comfort zones to learn something new. It also means confronting any fears which could be inhibitors to their professional and personal development. In our Phoenix Solutions office, we pave the path for people to develop courage. Here are some ways leaders can help their teams grow:

• Nudge Them: In nature, mother birds tend to gently push baby birds out of the nest to help them learn to fly. As leaders, we’ve noted through our Phoenix Solutions training program that sometimes what people need are nudges to take the next steps and be courageous.

• Help Them Find Ways to Be Brave: Each individual has his or her own motivation to accomplish a task. Similarly, each person has his or her own coping mechanisms in stressful situations. As leaders, we can help them by recognizing what works for them, rather than use strategies that might be better suited to others.

• Create Support Settings: Our Phoenix Solutions learning environment is specifically designed to provide our people with room to innovate and take strategic risks. Our team members work with their own coaches who provide guidance and support as they achieve milestones.

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