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Hand-Selected Top Producers Head to Atlantic City

Recently select individuals from Phoenix Solutions traveled to an important seminar in Atlantic City. The people who attended the event were the top performers in our office, and we wanted to make sure they knew that their hard work and dedication did not go unseen.

We make it a practice to reward our associates both publicly and privately, and travel is one of our most exciting public displays of appreciation. Not only were the team members representing Phoenix Solutions at this event recognized in-office, but they won awards at the seminar as well.

Recognition is just one of the reasons we make travel an important part of our operations. Another is the positive impact trips have on our team camaraderie. When we journey to a seminar or conference, we are able to connect with one another on a deeper level than we can during a busy week at the office.

Another benefit of travel is the training we receive from industry leaders. Even if the entire organization doesn’t go on the trip, those who do attend an educational event make sure to take notes so they can bring the knowledge they receive back for the whole team.

Congratulations to our team members who ventured to Atlantic City. We appreciate their hard work, and the information they brought back with them. To see where our top producers go next, follow Phoenix Solutions on Twitter.