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Getting Into March Madness

Our Phoenix Solutions company culture is what you might describe as team-driven and collaborative. We are all in when it comes to helping each other realize our goals as a firm and as individuals. However, that’s not to say we don’t relish a chance to show off our competitive sides, which is why friendly office contests are welcome additions to our daily routines.

Recently, we pooled our Phoenix Solutions talents to compete against other offices around the nation as part of the annual March Madness competition. Our own Halie reached the top four winners and we’re incredibly proud of her determination to succeed.

You might wonder why we’re getting into these types of office contests. There are some great reasons, such as:

• Accountability: Contests mean keeping score and that means results are tracked for all to see, so everyone’s more apt to do their parts to reach milestones.

• Inspiration: A tangible reward can be just what someone needs to go a little further and reach a little higher when it comes to achieving goals. It’s this added motivation that can sometimes bring on even greater success.

• Excitement: We like to have fun and contests certainly add a dose of that to our normal routines. We all look forward to updates and seeing where we’re positioned.

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