Our Focus on Training Keeps Us on Top

While we’re known for our customer acquisition services, it’s our Phoenix Solutions approach to training and development that really sets us apart. We have created a learning system that guarantees our team members have access to the knowledge they need to thrive in our industry, and then we guide them as they achieve greater heights of success.

All associates begin their career journeys at the entry level and then work their way up to learning management and leadership skills. The goal for our program is to teach each team member the ins and outs of running an office, hosting peer-to-peer marketing events, and training a team.

“Phoenix Solutions drives support for local, national, and international causes. We ensure that they reach their fundraising goals so that they can do even more good,” shared Mateen S., the firm’s Director of Operations. “Our event managers learn the most effective techniques to generate public support. We immerse them in a thorough coaching program so that they have the right knowledge and guidance to excel. Our hands-on learning approach combines professional development with social good so everyone wins.”

Our commitment to training provides many benefits, both for the company and our crew. For instance, well-informed executives provide higher-quality results, which improves our ability to support nonprofits. In turn, this creates a team of professionals that feel more satisfied and engaged with their careers.

There are many more reasons we focus on continual learning. To find out what they are, check out our Phoenix Solutions Newswire feed.