How We Encourage Goal-Setting Habits

Coasting isn’t a viable Phoenix Solutions option. In fact, there’s a scientific principle that applies to people (or companies) as much as it does to cars. If a vehicle is maintaining or even gaining speed without exerting energy of its own, it must be traveling downhill.

Down is not the direction we want to go, so we set goals that ensure we continue to grow as people and as an organization. Our event managers are encouraged to set personal objectives that move their careers forward while also benefitting Phoenix Solutions. One way we do this is to provide contests throughout the year that push team members out of their comfort zones so that they can enjoy sensational prizes. Our most recent competition involves a March Madness tournament with sister offices from across the country.

Faith, one of our event managers, has qualified to compete, and we couldn’t be prouder. Mateen, our President, is confident that Faith has a chance of winning the entire contest! The Final 4 of the competition will have the chance to travel to Pleasanton, California, where they will be taken out to dinner with high-ranking industry leaders. Last year, there were even tickets to one of the March Madness basketball games – third row, no less. Plus, the overall winner gets a guaranteed invite to Orlando, Florida for an international leadership conference.

We’re excited to help our team members reach their full potential. To find out how Faith does in our March Madness competition, follow Phoenix Solutions on Facebook.