Developing Professionals That Can Achieve Success

An important part of our strategy to support D.A.R.E. America as they create safer neighborhoods across the country is to develop ourselves to our fullest personal and professional potential. To make this easier, new hires are given paid training and paired with coaches who guide them through their first few weeks with Phoenix Solutions.

Mateen, our company President, also pointed out that we promote from within, so that team members know if they put forth the effort they will be rewarded for it. The goal of our Phoenix Solutions training program is to teach us how to effectively run our own businesses, so that we can eventually open satellite offices of our own.

For instance, we teach our event managers about the importance of taking intelligent chances. To identify our strengths, and recognize our limits, we need to push ourselves past what we’re certain we can accomplish. This is what the maxim “no risk, no reward” means: by moving beyond our comfort zones, we achieve more than we imagined possible.

Also, we remind team members to be intentional when building their personal brands. It’s a process that we’re always engaged in: the way we dress, the words we use, and even the emails we send all contribute to the overall picture of who we are and what we stand for.

By focusing on development, we ensure that we can accomplish our individual and organizational goals. Learn more about our culture of growth by liking Phoenix Solutions on Facebook.