Congratulating Elijah on His Promotion to Event Manager

Recognition is a pillar of our Phoenix Solutions culture, and we are always looking for new and creative ways to honor the efforts of our hard-working team members. This month, we wanted to highlight Elijah’s promotion to event manager! We have no doubt that he will continue to contribute to our aim of raising the bar for the nonprofit we represent, our company, and our team.

Elijah is 21 years old, and graduated from Fort Myers Technical College with a degree in nursing. When he’s not hard at work, Elijah can be found spending time with his wife. He also enjoys playing video games and paintball. Fun fact: he was a semipro paintballer when he lived in Florida.

His short-term goals include becoming the youngest Director of Operations in the organization. Long term, he plans on becoming a national partner within eight years so that he is in a position to offer even more people the opportunities that he has been shown. On a more personal note, he plans to buy his wife’s dream house in cash before he turns 25, help his parents pay off their consumer debt, and also pay for his sister’s college.

“I know I’m a better trainer, and also a better person overall, because I joined Phoenix Solutions when I was given the chance,” Elijah stated. “The training and mentorship I’ve received here has been phenomenal. The relationships, the camaraderie, and the friendships are second to none as well.”

Congratulations again Elijah. We know this is just the first of many career steps for you. To learn more about our talented team members, follow Phoenix Solutions on Twitter.