Characteristics of an Ideal Event Manager

As the new year begins, we are putting our plans into motion to make 2019 the best year ever for Phoenix Solutions. This includes expanding our organization and also our team so that we can continue to meet the growing demand for our peer-to-peer fundraising.

During meetings we often discuss the traits of an ideal team member. First and foremost, they have a positive attitude, with a firm belief that they can achieve any goal for which they are willing to work.

Also, they have a balance of confidence and humility, meaning that they know what they bring to the table, but are willing to work toward company goals as well as their own. Our model event managers will bring an owner’s mind-set to their Phoenix Solutions careers, taking the same level of care for their work as an entrepreneur does. In fact, earning the right to open an office of one’s own is a popular – and realistic – goal for any team member who masters our business model.

Perhaps most importantly though, the people we want the most are those with a superior work ethic. These are the women and men who are willing to put in the time and effort to excel in the skills required for success in our industry, and to continue honing their craft while seeking more responsibility.

This will be a year of opportunity for our firm and all our associates, current and future. Find out more about the positions we have available by following Phoenix Solutions on Twitter.