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Celebrating Office Achievements, Hayley’s Success

The past two weeks have been record-breaking ones for Phoenix Solutions. There’s a lot of excitement in our office with our team growing and people starting to hit their strides. Mateen S., our firm’s Director of Operations, explained that Hayley, who is one of our newest event managers, has quickly become a standout performer.

In her first week with Phoenix Solutions, Hayley was the second-ranked event manager in the entire nation. This included 300 professionals from across our industry, so it was a remarkable achievement. Mateen noted that the work ethic Hayley has displayed so far will serve her well in her career journey. He’s excited to watch her continue racking up big wins on behalf of change innovators.

With every passing week, we’re climbing the ladder and catching up to top companies that have been around for a while. Mateen is ready to watch our team grow and expand our company’s influence in 2019 and beyond.

We’ll be adding to our team in the near future, so business-minded people who are ready to grow alongside an emerging industry leader should feel free to apply. Incoming event managers receive hands-on training in all aspects of our operations. In the process, they gain confidence in their unique skills and position themselves for long-term success.

We’re reaching new heights as 2018 draws to a close. Follow Phoenix Solutions on Twitter for regular updates on our achievements.