Celebrating a Banner Year

It’s always excellent to finish the year on an upbeat note and that’s just what we’re doing at Phoenix Solutions. There’s so much to celebrate as we cap off Q4 for 2018 and prepare for 2019. We know that the momentum we started will build exponentially, including our planned expansion into a new office.

Mateen, Phoenix Solutions’ CEO, is extremely proud of the diligence our team has put forth with every initiative this year. We’ve hit so many milestones as we’ve raised awareness for causes that keep youth safe and off the streets. Our individual and collective accomplishments have proven we’re all on top of our game.

Perhaps the most telling factor of our success is the number of promotions that we’ve been able to share this year. So many of our team members have risen to the occasion, not only to hit goals for the change agents we represent, but to help each other attain objectives and grow professionally. Our coaches have truly demonstrated they have earned their place as esteemed leaders, which is going to be even more important in our next adventures.

Thanks to this year’s growth, we have reached a point at which the size of our team exceeds our current office space. This is a great dilemma to face as we now get to search for another place that’s big enough to hold our entire crew, plus anyone who joins us as we push forward.

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