Ambition and Drive Are Celebrated Here

Recognition is an important part of the Phoenix Solutions experience. Not only do people deserve to be recognized for their hard work and achievements, we also want everyone else on our team to know when someone has done something admirable. That way, we encourage success-building behaviors and growth mind-sets.

This month, we want to shine a spotlight on Erin H., one of our talented event managers. “I helped train her personally, and she has really impressed me,” stated Mateen, Phoenix Solutions’ President. “Erin earned her promotion to event manager in only two weeks. She’s young, incredibly driven, and she knows exactly what she wants in both her career and her life.”

Mateen continued to discuss Erin’s strengths, saying, “Erin comes from the restaurant industry, so she has some well-developed people skills, which fit well with her short-term plans to train and develop others on our team. In the long term, she plans to open up an office of her own and help expand the influence of our firm.”

We work hard to maintain a culture of empowerment that allows talented professionals like Erin to reach their full potential. We also provide a comprehensive training system that provides ambitious professionals with all the knowledge they need to succeed in our industry, regardless of their previous work experience. To learn more about our team, follow Phoenix Solutions on Facebook.